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Hello guys! First of all, I would like to thank everyone for patronizing my blog. I apologize for not posting that much. I’m currently planning to merge my other blog, Starperch with this one since I’m not into gaming that much anymore– except for Pokemon. 😛 

Also, I’ll be adding a new tab dedicated to my other hobby which is Crafts 😀 

Again thank you for bearing with me and Happy Holidays! 



Every morning. I think that’s ADB road– whatever. In Pasig. It’s green from my right so I can’t cross the road. Cars go to my back and to my left. I stay in the island as I watch the people go play with death as they brave the road even though the sign clearly says ‘don’t cross yet’. I just cross when it’s green for the cars on my front since they can’t turn to my left. 


 Have you tried? I mean stopping when the red hand sign is flashing in front of you. ?


I look at the people taking the same pedestrian lane. Only few people stops at the sign. 


I won’t feel bad if anyone who crosses the street gets hit by a car or a motorcycle. Clearly they didn’t have the discipline to obey even the simplest laws each city has. I could call for an ambulance but won’t pity them.


I’ve learned my lesson way back when I was going to an interview at Makati. It has been awhile since I took the SLEX and I got ticketed for not crossing at the pedestrian lane at Sucat Hi-Way. I got mad because the officer was asking me for a fine of five hundred pesos. I only had 200 pesos as an allowance since I’m still just a student at that time and he wouldn’t let me go so I was cursing and bellowing at him. But I got sermoned in front of calm rule breakers along with me in that tent– I did deserved that for being a douchebag. He let go of me after 20 minutes and I sulked throughout the rest of the trip for what I’ve done.


But now I realized, five hundred pesos won’t match up to a life you’d lose when you break a simple rule such as crossing the street through the pedestrian lane and following the traffic lights around you (except if they’re damn broken of course).


Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Peperoncino

I’m not sure if this is the exact name of the pasta my mom brought home last night from Microtel but it did almost match up to its taste (close enough). 

I just based this recipe from its taste and what I’ve observed on the pasta itself and made it as basic as possible since these are the only ones present at our kitchen.



1/4 Spaghetti Noodles cut in half

Hot pepper seeds (dry ones are much tastier I guess, I just made it fresh since I don’t have time left– you can make your own in advanced or just buy in the grocery store)

Olive Oil (depends on you)

1 tsp lemon juice

pinch of salt and pepper

ground nuts (I used local ones, Happy BBQ– since that’s the only nuts present at the sari-sari store)



1. Break 1/4 spaghetti noodles in half and cook in boiling water from 10-12 minutes. Add a pinch of salt and 1 tsp cooking oil to keep it from sticking to each strand. Do not cook it for more than 12 minutes. Drain once cooked.

2. On the same pot, heat olive oil, red chili seeds, lemon juice, ground nuts, parsley, salt and pepper in low heat. Do not burn olive oil. 

3. Mix spaghetti noodles and sauce in the same pan in low fire and serve hot. 


Ati-Atihan Guide

LU! site ain’t accessible at the moment so I’m reposting this guide for everyone who’s doing it right now.


1. Talk to Kalibo, located in Umbala (umbala 141, 208) and agree to join the Celebrations of the Spirits.


2. He will offer to make you Rings that are blessed with the elemental spirits’ powers. The following items will be required for the different rings:

These rings will be created one by one, in the Order listed: Ring of Fire, Ring of Water, Ring of Earth & Ring of Wind.
Ring Of Fire
• 10 Red Blood
• 1 Flame Heart
• 20 Burning Heart
• 20 Coal
• 1 Silver Ring

Ring Of Water
• 20 Fin
• 20 Turtle Shell
• 20 Glitter Shell
• 20 Crab Shell
• 20 Clam Shell
• 1 Mistic Frozen
• 1 Silver Ring
Ring of Earth
• 20 Witherless Rose
• 20 Hinalle Leaflet
• 20 Fig Leaf
• 20 Raccoon Leaf
• 20 Huge Leaf
• 1 Great Nature
• 1 Silver Ring

Ring of Wind
• 20 Soft Feather
• 20 Pecopeco Feather
• 20 Harpy Feather
• 1 Rough Wind
• 1 Silver Ring

3. Once you have all 4 Rings, Kalibo will instruct you to visit Reyna Juana in Ayothaya (ayothaya 146 234)


She will ask you about Kalibo and the 4 Elemental Rings that you created in Exchange for a Box that contains the Sinulog Hat.

Hope this helps. ^^;


Philippine Ragnarok Online – Ati-Atihan Quest

pRO Christmas Event 2012


This quest guide is still lacking some information regarding the equipment requirements. Please comment below if you know how many items will the Raccoon NPCs take from you if you do the Polar Bear General equipment.

The Racoon Hooray team’s back this Christmas! This time you have the choice to choose between the two different but one limited item: the Polar Bear Cap!

1. Go to Lutie Town (171, 130) and look for the Shopkeeper. She will ask you to recover lost items: 10 pieces each of stolen candy, stolen cookie, bag of selling goods.


2. You’ll need to collect the following items:

*Bag of selling goods and Xmas Cookie are the unknown items (that appear in apple form)
dropped by the Socks & Gift Hooraying Raccoon

from these event monsters located at any fields:

Gift Hooraying Raccoon = drops cookies more often
Socks Hooraying Raccoon = drops candies more often

3. Give the loots to the Shopkeeper NPC. She will give you Cookie Bag and ask you to talk to the Raccoon Hooray Clerk beside her.

4. Raccoon Hooray Clerk will ask you to do something and tell you to go to the Raccoon Hooray Captain at Prontera (big sock area).

5. Talk to the Raccoon Hooray Captain at Prontera and tell him that the Raccoon Hooray Clerk sent you. Choose the option will hunt for materials. He will ask you to find at least 50 Christmas Cookies.

captain copy

Raccoon Hooray Captain

6. Give the 50 Christmas Cookies to Raccoon Hooray Captain. Pass or fail, you will get a firecracker, talk to him and pick the “get the reward option”. Talk to him again to send you off to Lutie to fetch all other 5 Raccoons.

7. Find raccoons according to sequence (will depend on the item you will be getting) and give the collected items to Racoon NPCs in Lutie. Do mind that the reward of this event is dependent on the sequence in which you talked to the Racoon NPCs.

  • If you want the costume version of the Polar Bear Cap, you will need to talk to Racoon Hooray’s No. 2, 5, 12, 20, 25 in exact order. (#2 = needs 20 xmas cookies, #5 = needs 20 stolen candies, #20 = needs 10 xmas cookies, #25 = needs 20 stolen candies)
  • If you want the equipment version of the Polar Bear Cap, you will need to talk to Racoon Hooray’s No. 1, 2, 5, 15, 25 in exact order.

8. Return to Raccoon Hooray Captain at Prontera and you will get your choice of headgear (costume/ equipment) + nice sweet potato.

Don’t forget to rate this guide once you’re done with the quest 😉 (See stars below)


  • Talking to OTHER Racoon NPCs will result to a DIFFERENT REWARD.
  • The quest is only available ONCE per character and is NOT repeatable. Be careful on talking to Raccoon NPCs to make sure that you will get your desired reward.


Below are the prizes that you will get by completing the quest properly

According to my guildmate, if your character did the rudolph quest last year, it won’t be able to do this quest anymore. I’m not sure about this but you might as well try. 🙂 Hope this guide helps!


Christmas Event 2012, Philippine Ragnarok Online

Jan Christian Y. & Yesmeen F.

Seth L.

Kris. M.