How To Train Your Dragon 2 Toys

Last night I had the chance to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 with my boyfriend at Greenbelt 3 Cinemas (I was hoping for 3D or 4DX but my budget wasn’t enough and we couldn’t catch up to the last show of 3D). I don’t wanna spoil you guys but to sum all my feels: it was a heartwarming, heartbreaking, exciting and awesome to watch with anyone (be it your family or friends or even your special someone).

Anyway, that aside, I didn’t know the hype was that high coz last time I watched I didn’t even know there were HTTYD Mcdo Happy Meal toys :|. But now, almost every Mcdonald’s branch ran out of stock of Toothless or the Nightfury, one of the protagonists of the movie. After 4 branches and 3 Happy Meals later (don’t worry, the 3rd one was for my boyfriend’s and I ended up giving the burger and drinking the juice myself), I found the elusive! Hurrah! I also got the Cloudjumper Happy Meal toy ❤ sweet!

Also, I happened to drop by Toy Kingdom (since I was in the mall anyway) and they indeed updated the HTTYD Defenders of Berk toys (which I was deliberating whether to finally complete or not) and I got the Cloudjumper. I’ll get the Stormfly and Bewilderbeast next time XD.

Valka’s Cloudjumper (Defenders of Berk)

Lastly, here’s a demo of the Toothless Happy Meal toy btw (I promise you its a child’s dream come true toy!- well if they’re not choosy LOL)



Lu Liam: All Things Fun and Sassy

I found this shop months ago located beside JP Thai restaurant here in Greenheights village, Sucat, Parañaque. I only managed to take a long peek inside a week ago and found really interesting stuff aside from their Korean style clothing 😀 Lo and behold! I found Japanese collectibles and toys (aside from food of course- they sell milkshakes btw)! She offers 3 for Php. 100 deal on the Japanese toys in a big container, mix of known anime and random Japanese items like charms. Some of which are Pokemon, Inuyasha, One Piece, Blue Dragon, etc.

Mrs. Laqui busy fixing my hauls :P

Mrs. Laqui busy fixing my hauls 😛

Meet Mrs. Lynn Laqui, the owner of the shop and the online shop of Lu Liam. She’s a mom and a businesswoman at the same time. She told me her shop opens late at 10 AM and closes around 5-6 PM since she also takes care of her kids (which is cool since she balances it well). She’s also a Hello Kitty and Japanese items collector to boot.

Kids usually flock her shop for loom bands, Japanese (and anime) toys, and items and yummy milkshake (which I have yet to try sometime :P).





necklaces, trinkets and wind chimes (php. 50 only for chimes)

Here’s what I’ve got from her shop:


water balloon yoyo keychain 😛


I just had to get one. Since I can’t always bring my loom bands set to work. Finally someone sold em separately from the loom bands set ❤



Wooden Sake cup 😀 she has porcelain tea cups and sake cups left :3



Glass wind chime from Japan *_* finallyyyyyyyy got one! :)) I was having a hard time looking for them here in Philippines.



B Kuromaku ver. from Banpresto. O_O



Sesame Street’s Elmo keychain



Pokemon Unova Starters Paddle Fan ❤



Wind Glass Chime hung up on my bedroom’s ceiling along with my Dreamcatcher from Enchanted Kingdom


I really love this shop now. I can’t wait to bring my boyfriend here for the Gundam which is yet to be displayed and sold. 😀

You can add Lu Liam at Facebook

12th Toycon Philippines

Last June 14-16, 2013, the much awaited event of all toy collectors and hobbyists: Toycon PH was held again at Megatrade Halls 1 and 2 in partnership with HERO TV.

It was my first time to attend this con since I was busy during college with my acads, and everytime I’d be invited by my friends– schoolwork just piled up.

But this time, its a different scenario 😀

Since I wanted to hoard a lot of toys at this con, I briefed myself with the event… the schedule, what to expect, what should I buy, how much should I allot for my toys (cause I might overspend. Well you know… This is Toycon afterall!) what to do when I’m in the event area– I’m not geeking out am I? But its better to be prepared than to get caught off guard.

and so for Day 1, I went there around 6:30PM with my officemates and we scoured the place before buying anything. Price check and look around before buying anything! That’s step one. The place was damn big and your eyes will totally wander with every booth… left, right, my eyes can’t even keep up.

We tried our best to scour the event hall for toys we are targeting for. It was a tricky task since some toys (from a favorite anime, or some cute plushies) would be displayed in a booth and you’d think of buying it. And after an hour of looking around, we decided to split up and buy our targeted toys and figs.

Sarah and I spotted Threadless booth, under Filbars and they were selling this awesome Doctor Who shirts featuring Disney Princesses: Belle and Cinderella entering the Tardis and a crossover of east and west with Superman perched on a Gundam’s shoulder.


“Come Away With Me” shirt from Threadless


“Iconic Friends” shirt from Threadless

Really cool right? Well enough of the wall of text. I’ll just supply you with images from Day 2 (didn’t have much shots in Day 1 since we wanted to look for available toys there– and was saving all the fun for Day 2 with boyfie).


Day 1 hauls :3 – Inori nendoroid from Wasabi Toys, Poring Keychain and Cat keychain

Day 2 Photos:

We went as early as possible to avoid the cosplayers crowding in the event area and toy booths and around lunch we managed to get out of the hall just in time they were entering the hall. There are few good ones but I didn’t really go there for cosplayer hunting so I snapped just a few pics.

Real-life Figurines from Mark OSR’s display









Other photos



World class cosplayer, Jia Gold Bustamante


Free Coca-cola mismo for all con-goers! 😀


Master Pogi at 99.5 Play FM booth 😀



My hauls for Day 2:


Inori with her new sister, Asuna :p



Blackest Night Blue Lantern Flash, Good Smile Company Sword Art Online Asuna nendoroid, cat plushie, Pasig2 comics with Taga-Ilog’s autograph, Black cat ears and paws, Comodo era Ragnarok Online Poring plushie, Stitch keychain, plus an old issue of Shonen Jump (not included in the photo)

Overall it was a good experience. Looking forward for the December version of Toycon! 😀