Ati-Atihan Guide

LU! site ain’t accessible at the moment so I’m reposting this guide for everyone who’s doing it right now.


1. Talk to Kalibo, located in Umbala (umbala 141, 208) and agree to join the Celebrations of the Spirits.


2. He will offer to make you Rings that are blessed with the elemental spirits’ powers. The following items will be required for the different rings:

These rings will be created one by one, in the Order listed: Ring of Fire, Ring of Water, Ring of Earth & Ring of Wind.
Ring Of Fire
• 10 Red Blood
• 1 Flame Heart
• 20 Burning Heart
• 20 Coal
• 1 Silver Ring

Ring Of Water
• 20 Fin
• 20 Turtle Shell
• 20 Glitter Shell
• 20 Crab Shell
• 20 Clam Shell
• 1 Mistic Frozen
• 1 Silver Ring
Ring of Earth
• 20 Witherless Rose
• 20 Hinalle Leaflet
• 20 Fig Leaf
• 20 Raccoon Leaf
• 20 Huge Leaf
• 1 Great Nature
• 1 Silver Ring

Ring of Wind
• 20 Soft Feather
• 20 Pecopeco Feather
• 20 Harpy Feather
• 1 Rough Wind
• 1 Silver Ring

3. Once you have all 4 Rings, Kalibo will instruct you to visit Reyna Juana in Ayothaya (ayothaya 146 234)


She will ask you about Kalibo and the 4 Elemental Rings that you created in Exchange for a Box that contains the Sinulog Hat.

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Philippine Ragnarok Online – Ati-Atihan Quest


pRO Sakura Blossom Event

Note: This is a repost. I’ve been relocating my RO quest guides from my different blogs before I delete them 🙂 This is the content from my old blog (Daily Doodles of Erin)

Event Duration: October 27- November 17, 2010
Final Product: Perisca [1]

Make sure you have the following items so you can continue with the quest without any delay:

Big Fan of Magic:
– blue gemstone x1
– wind stone (bought at the secret room where the ninja job change takes place in Amatsu) x1
– fan of cat monster/ folding fan of cat ghost (Civil Servant/ Mao Guai drop at Louyang Dungeon) x1

Huge Spray of Flowers: 
-spray of flowers x25
-thin stem x5 (Parasite drop at umbala field 03)

1. Go to Payon with your ingredients for Big Fan of Magic. Talk to Capt. Feles (cat NPC) at Pay_arche.gat 65.142 near Payon cave. Give him blue gemstone x1, wind stone, and fan of cat monster x1 to make the Big Fan of Magic.

2. Once done with the Big Fan of Magic, you may sit and wait for the cherry blossom tree beside Capt. Feles to glow (make sure your effects are turned on so you’ll see it glowing) and when it does it will drop spray of flowers along the area. Be as nimble as you can before they disappear. There are also cherry blossom trees around Prontera (near the fountain and the stat reset NPC) and they give more branches than the ones in Payon.
note: it sometimes takes 10-20 mins. before the trees glow again @_@

3. Once you have collected 25 pieces of spray of flowers, talk to him again and tell him that you want to bind them, and he will give you Huge Spray of flowers for every 5 pcs. of spray of flowers + 1 pc. of thin stem. You’ll need 5 Huge Spray of Flowers in order for you to create a Perisca. Don’t worry about the gift wrapper, the Girl with a sigh NPC in Lutie will be the one giving you that.

4. Go to Lutie if you have 5 pcs. of spray of flowers. Talk to Girl with a sigh at xmas 172 133 and she will ask you what spring is like. Show her the huge spray of flowers x5 and she will give you gift wrapper. Talk to her again so she can create your Perisca. And there you have it! /no1

Warp Shortcuts:
-Louyang Dungeon: premium service (lol that’s the fastest way ever– believe me)
-Umbala Field: Morroc > Comodo > Umbala > down > down > right (or walk through the east of comodo dungeon according to chorvaqueen).
-Additional tip from chorvaqueen: Chorvaqueen said…

It’s faster if you would walk through east comodo dungeon. The umbala field bridges are winding and it’s a bitch to traverse two maps of them

iRO wiki: Sakura Blossom Event
pRO Sakura Blossom event guide

special thanks to:
Chorvaqueen for the other route to Umbala field 03 😀
Juan Fajardo for the warp and agi xD

Novemberrific Event: The Resurrection of the Dead


Beacon Island/ Pharos Lighthouse – apple juice or banana juice or grape juice

Morroc Ruins – 3 Used Iron Plates (dropped by Dimik)

Morroc – Green Herb

Byalan – 2 bullet (You can get bullets from Einbroch Spirit)

Alberta – 1 sharp paper knife (dropped by The Paper)

Airship – 5 Rusty Screw

Einbroch – Oil Paper


-You only need 20 Piece of Spirit/ Halloween Fragment. There are 24 in total.

-The headgear lasts only during the event. 


1. Go to Prontera Town and look for the Magician of Spirit for the start of the quest.

Magician of Spirit

2. Look for the souls of dead man in different towns, collect the Halloween Fragment from them.

 Let’s start with towns shall we 😀

1. Prontera: Sai Mama

2. Prontera Castle: Mariantoinet

She’s inside the Prontera Castle, North of Prontera.

3. Payon: Chung Myo

4. Morroc: Blexander

now go on the upper left portal to get to the Morroc Ruins..

5. Morroc Ruins: Romfel

return to Morroc town then go to Comodo > Pharos Lighthouse / Beacon Island

*note: you can also go to Pharos Lighthouse via Alberta Ship (where the 1st cargo in the Cargo Quest is)

6. Pharos/ Beacon: Bagellan

Return to Morroc via the Kafra on the Pharos Lighthouse/ Beacon Island respawn point..

Next, go to Geffen> Aldebaran > Lutie …

7. Lutie: Oscar Mild

you can also head to Juno via Aldebaran. ( Geffen > Aldebaran > Juno)

8. Juno: Lense

next, take the airship from Juno: Ride the Domestic flight heading to Einbroch / Lighthalzen
you’ll find there another spirit..

9. Domestic Airship: Teaser

Then wait at the airship til it reaches Hugel, your next destination…

10. Hugel: Jamie Dean

and Veins city..

11. Veins: Melvis

and Einbroch..

12. Einbroch: Calois

Ride the airship again, and take off at Juno. This time, ride the International Flight
heading to Rachel / Izlude..

13. International Flight: Saint-Actually

Take off at Rachel..

14. Rachel: Cesure

Ride the same airship, but this time, take off at Izlude then head northeast
to ship heading to Byalan.

15. Byalan: Van Cogh

Return to Izlude via same ship and this time, head to Alberta..

16. Alberta: Zhou You

Requirement: 1 sharp paper knife (dropped by The Paper)

Then move on to the remaining spirits via Alberta dock.. (Following the Crates position in the Cargo Quest)

Cargo No. 2

17. Turtle Island: Noland

18. Brasilis: Tiradentes

Cargo No. 3

19. Amatsu: Naganobu

Cargo No. 4

20. Moscovia: Ivan

21. Gonryun: Koxinger

*Gonryun (Alberta > Kunlun)

Cargo No. 5

22. Louyang: Xiang You

23. Dewata: Sukorno

24. Ayothaya: Nareswan

3. Go back to Prontera Town and talk to the Magician of Spirit to exchange the Halloween Fragment for Witch’s Pumpkin Hat or Pumpkin Pie.

Witch's Pumpkin Hat


Combination Effect

Other Rewards:

500 pcs Bullet

1 pc Gold

20 White Slim Potion

5 pcs Royal Jelly

3 pcs Speed Potion

5 pcs Panacea

Free Tickets to Flyship


Philippine Ragnarok Online – Novemberrific Event: The Resurrection of the Dead

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