iRO Helpful Links for Newbies

pRO migration is underway right now and while Thor server isn’t still up, some of us prefer to try Chaos server and start from scratch. Aside from Jumping Janeway NPC, here are other quests that might help.

*i will be updating this from time to time:

1. Eden Group Leveling – classic way of levelling, take these quests from Eden Group HQ and once you finish it, they’ll reward you handsomely with exp. These quests are repeatable.

2. Bounty Boards – nifty way to earn zeny and exp at the same time. Either you get all the quest rewards in one go, and collect the rewards for a magic stone to sell, or collect the exp+money per quest done.


pRO Midgard Congress 2013

EDIT: The information you are about to read has been given permission by the GMs of Philippine Ragnarok Online to be blogged that’s why they called ALL guildmasters AND BLOGGERS to come and join them in the Midgard Congress.

Here are the contents and photos of the recent Midgard Congress of Philippine Ragnarok Online for the year 2013, held at Jollibee Makati. We were served with meals as we went through the updates for this year (yes! a meal! cause we had spaghetti, chickenjoy, softdrinks, fries and sundae @_@)


thanks for the food! :3


Admin Sohee of Ragnarok Valhalla Server page and valhallians


GM Aeon and GM Geheimnis


Just to clear things up there’s no announcement of P2P going to happen, just merging between Valhalla and New Loki.


click photo to view the news about NL + Valhalla server merge


Episode 27: Bifrost

Date of Release: January 23, 2013

Phase 2: The New Hypermarket Shop


Episode 27.B: Meow Meow Island

-Also called as the “Malangdo Island”.

-Accessible by Premium accounts.

-According to GM Aeon, if you’re into making money, chances are you’d earn a lot from the loots from this island.

-There are special cash items in this island that cannot be found on the Hypermarket Mall.


Episode 28: Rise of the Ninjas

Target Launch Date: June 2013

Sakray Launch Date: April 2013

-Formerly known as “Eclage” based on my previous post regarding Midgard Congress (see Midgard Congress 2010)

Episode 29: The Valkyrjas

Phase 1: The Opening of Bio Labs (Lighthalzen Biolabs 3)

-The strength of the bio labs monsters depends on your party (I just overheard this).

Phase 2.A: Level Expansion

-From Base Level 150 to Base Level 160.

-New yellow aura for Base Level 160 achievers.

-There will be a deduction of 1% exp for every time you die in leveling maps if you’re already base lv. 160. (No deduction of exp in towns of course).

Phase 3: Tutorial System for New Users

-A much improved and user friendly tutorial system for first time players of Ragnarok Online. There will be more quests added to the usual tutorial.


Phase 3: Upgraded WoE

-Limited siege war between 1st and 2nd job characters of base level 1-99.

-Map structure will be same as with Valkyrie realm.

-There will be rental items for low level users who are in need of good items.

-Original WoE TE only God Item creation quests are available.

-Will be integrated in the next RWC as well.

*if you like the idea of the upgraded WoE, it is advisable to keep a lvl. 99 character ready 😉


Coming Soon: Sakray F2P Server


1.        Cash Item Expansion

Heads up for those who like their characters to kick ass on WoE or PvP or just show off their characters’ costumes! Gravity is planning to improve the costume system—but right now they’re still developing the costume headgears. Sweet right?  I wonder if there will be costume scarves like the Gryffindor scarf soon? :3

Target Implementation Date: 4th Quarter of the year or 2014.


2.       Phase 2.B: Level Expansion

BLvl. 160 ain’t the end yet folks! Gravity is planning to do a 2nd level expansion: BLvl 160 to 175 and JLvl 50-70. There will be new skills for each job to be added as well.

3.       Hero’s Trial Introduction

Remember the Ragnarok Manhwa by Lee Myoung Jin that we used to read? Well Gravity’s bringing back our beloved heroes on this episode in continuation of the story. There will be 3 phases in this episode; all containing quests and well, 3 kinds of memorial dungeons.

loadingscreen2 loadingscreen3 loading04


4.       New Class Introduction

Upon the arrival of the 3rd jobs, the ninja, gunslingers and soul linker classes have faded into the background due to the imbalance of the skills— but then here’s a good news to all le gunslingers fanatics out there! Gravity has unveiled the 2nd job of Gunslingers called the Rebellion (which has a totally badass sprite don’t you think?)

Target Implementation: 2014


5.       UI Upgrade

Phase 1: Quest Alarm – modified quest interface that will remind you of your unfinished and ongoing quests.

Target Implementation: 2013


Phase 2: Improve graphic engine

Target Implementation: 2013

Phase 3: New system interface

6.       Raid System Introduction

If you’re familiar or playing with other MMOs out there you might like this new raid system wherein high level players (over lvl. 150) can raid castle nightmare dungeon. There will be two modes: wave and nightmare mode and will encourage party system.


Regarding the suspended cards issue, there won’t be any compensation according to GM Aeon, since all other LU! games are affected as well and not just pRO. If you wanna follow up with your suspended cards, you might as well file a ticket via their Customer Support so as to replace your suspended pin with a new one.

As for korean rice cakes, they will be account bound for F2P servers.

Meanwhile on the international players’ issue with connecting in the game cannot be disputed since due to license issues.

Lastly, as for RO2: Legend of the Second, we might as well wait on LU! Live according to GM Aeon. (Hmmm.. are they planning to unveil it there?)

To cap off the meeting, the new pRO GMs are unveiled (and a shocking revelation that GM Aeon will be saying goodbye to the Ragnarok community this year)

The new pRO GMs are:

GM Fenris

GM Geheimnis

GM Anael

GM Faith

GM Garrick

GM Vazilos

GM Sophiel

We'll miss you GM Aeon!

We’ll miss you GM Aeon!

pRO New Loki and Valhalla Server Merge



And so, the so-called “Eclipse” was finally unveiled awhile ago at the Midgard Congress held at Jollibee Makati by the pRO GMs: there will be a server merge of New Loki and Valhalla. A lot of you are probably wondering what’s the end result of this server merge, well, it’ll be a bigger New Loki community (that’s right, goodbye to my very own server, Valhalla 😥 ) due to issues with the population as stated by GM Aeon.

Why retain New Loki instead of Valhalla which is older by years you ask? According to them, this was based on an alphabetical order of the server names (which I don’t really get a lot).

Anyways, here are the additional details or things you should anticipate on the upcoming server merge (to be announced by GMs). I highly suggest you read ALL of it even if you’re not in a guild.


-There will be no splitting of accounts.

-Accounts will have 18 character slots for limited time. After 1 week, the extra 9 character slots will be disabled and all characters will be deleted.

-Character slot change will be enabled for limited time only. e.g. you wanted to move your RK beside your RG, you may do so. But those characters only from that account.

Storage and Inventory

-All accounts will have an increase in storage space for a limited time:

*Premium users will have an extra 600 storage space (1200 total)

*Non-premium users will have an extra 300 storage space (600 total)

-Items in Kafra and Inventory will still have the limit of 30k maximum per item. So if you have more than 50k Yggberries in your Kafra, say astalavista baby to the  20k—unless you distribute it to different characters or put it in your merchant classes’ carts.

-Items remain as is in your kafra and inventory except for emperiums.

Character Names

-Characters from Valhalla will have a suffix added to their name.

-NL characters will keep their original names.

-Characters with suffix have 1 week to change name through the name change button in the character select screen. You can only change name once. And once you changed your names, the suffix will be removed.

-In case you weren’t able to take advantage of that 1 week free name change, a name change event after server merge will be announced.

ROK Points

-Rok points will remain in your accounts.

-Kafra pins will be reset.

-All memos will be deleted.


-All completed quests will not be affected

-Players should still be able to continue unfinished quests.


-ALL existing guilds will be deleted. Meaning, all guilds from NL and Valhalla will start from scratch; go find an emp, make a guild and expand the guild level.

-ALL emperiums will be deleted.

-Godly items won’t be deleted.

-Agits will be reset.


-All rankings will be reset: alchemist, etc.

-Suspended accounts from both servers remain as is.

-Valhalla client will be redirected to New Loki client according to Gravity so there’s no need for you to download a new client or get NL client.

Ati-Atihan Guide

LU! site ain’t accessible at the moment so I’m reposting this guide for everyone who’s doing it right now.


1. Talk to Kalibo, located in Umbala (umbala 141, 208) and agree to join the Celebrations of the Spirits.


2. He will offer to make you Rings that are blessed with the elemental spirits’ powers. The following items will be required for the different rings:

These rings will be created one by one, in the Order listed: Ring of Fire, Ring of Water, Ring of Earth & Ring of Wind.
Ring Of Fire
• 10 Red Blood
• 1 Flame Heart
• 20 Burning Heart
• 20 Coal
• 1 Silver Ring

Ring Of Water
• 20 Fin
• 20 Turtle Shell
• 20 Glitter Shell
• 20 Crab Shell
• 20 Clam Shell
• 1 Mistic Frozen
• 1 Silver Ring
Ring of Earth
• 20 Witherless Rose
• 20 Hinalle Leaflet
• 20 Fig Leaf
• 20 Raccoon Leaf
• 20 Huge Leaf
• 1 Great Nature
• 1 Silver Ring

Ring of Wind
• 20 Soft Feather
• 20 Pecopeco Feather
• 20 Harpy Feather
• 1 Rough Wind
• 1 Silver Ring

3. Once you have all 4 Rings, Kalibo will instruct you to visit Reyna Juana in Ayothaya (ayothaya 146 234)


She will ask you about Kalibo and the 4 Elemental Rings that you created in Exchange for a Box that contains the Sinulog Hat.

Hope this helps. ^^;


Philippine Ragnarok Online – Ati-Atihan Quest

pRO Christmas Event 2012


This quest guide is still lacking some information regarding the equipment requirements. Please comment below if you know how many items will the Raccoon NPCs take from you if you do the Polar Bear General equipment.

The Racoon Hooray team’s back this Christmas! This time you have the choice to choose between the two different but one limited item: the Polar Bear Cap!

1. Go to Lutie Town (171, 130) and look for the Shopkeeper. She will ask you to recover lost items: 10 pieces each of stolen candy, stolen cookie, bag of selling goods.


2. You’ll need to collect the following items:

*Bag of selling goods and Xmas Cookie are the unknown items (that appear in apple form)
dropped by the Socks & Gift Hooraying Raccoon

from these event monsters located at any fields:

Gift Hooraying Raccoon = drops cookies more often
Socks Hooraying Raccoon = drops candies more often

3. Give the loots to the Shopkeeper NPC. She will give you Cookie Bag and ask you to talk to the Raccoon Hooray Clerk beside her.

4. Raccoon Hooray Clerk will ask you to do something and tell you to go to the Raccoon Hooray Captain at Prontera (big sock area).

5. Talk to the Raccoon Hooray Captain at Prontera and tell him that the Raccoon Hooray Clerk sent you. Choose the option will hunt for materials. He will ask you to find at least 50 Christmas Cookies.

captain copy

Raccoon Hooray Captain

6. Give the 50 Christmas Cookies to Raccoon Hooray Captain. Pass or fail, you will get a firecracker, talk to him and pick the “get the reward option”. Talk to him again to send you off to Lutie to fetch all other 5 Raccoons.

7. Find raccoons according to sequence (will depend on the item you will be getting) and give the collected items to Racoon NPCs in Lutie. Do mind that the reward of this event is dependent on the sequence in which you talked to the Racoon NPCs.

  • If you want the costume version of the Polar Bear Cap, you will need to talk to Racoon Hooray’s No. 2, 5, 12, 20, 25 in exact order. (#2 = needs 20 xmas cookies, #5 = needs 20 stolen candies, #20 = needs 10 xmas cookies, #25 = needs 20 stolen candies)
  • If you want the equipment version of the Polar Bear Cap, you will need to talk to Racoon Hooray’s No. 1, 2, 5, 15, 25 in exact order.

8. Return to Raccoon Hooray Captain at Prontera and you will get your choice of headgear (costume/ equipment) + nice sweet potato.

Don’t forget to rate this guide once you’re done with the quest 😉 (See stars below)


  • Talking to OTHER Racoon NPCs will result to a DIFFERENT REWARD.
  • The quest is only available ONCE per character and is NOT repeatable. Be careful on talking to Raccoon NPCs to make sure that you will get your desired reward.


Below are the prizes that you will get by completing the quest properly

According to my guildmate, if your character did the rudolph quest last year, it won’t be able to do this quest anymore. I’m not sure about this but you might as well try. 🙂 Hope this guide helps!


Christmas Event 2012, Philippine Ragnarok Online

Jan Christian Y. & Yesmeen F.

Seth L.

Kris. M.