Benten: Restaurant and Grocery

I’ve been a sucker for Japanese cuisine but they’re usually pricey if I’ll keep on eating em everyday so I opted on making them instead.

Though, finding the right sauces and ingredients (like tsoyu, mirin, bonito flakes) have been a challenge to me because I barely see Japanese groceries around here in the South. Usually you’d find them on leading grocery stores around the Metro but for a higher price which makes you feel like buying ramen straight from the restaurant instead of making your own.

But worry not! I’ve found this awesome Japanese grocery/ restaurant in the South that holds almost all sauces and condiments you need in making your own DIY Japanese cuisine… Benten!

Found in the heart of Aguirre avenue in BF Homes Paranaque, the store is just a few blocks away from the Going Straight Salon (intersection). I think this is the same location of the former Cham Maru restaurant.


You’ll be greeted with the lovely staff clad in yukata shuffling around the place.



At first you’ll wonder if this is all of it, but at the back of the restaurant, if you ask the staff about the grocery, they’ll show you to a room filled with condiments and everything you need for cooking!






What’s more amazing on their grocery is that everything here is labeled in english! So you’d identify the right ingredients even if you don’t know how to read in Japanese. 😀

But aside from being a restaurant and a grocery, they also have a mini-studio in another room where you could have your photo taken wearing a yukata from their rack!

IMG_20150503_130859 IMG_20150503_130926

Package 1: 3 poses, 1 photo print + CD-R – Php. 299
Package 2: 5 poses, 2 photo prints + CD-R – Php. 499
Package 3: 8 poses, 3 photo prints + CD-R – Php. 699
Irouchikake – Php. 200
Samurai – Php. 150

They also sell some clothes from Japan in another side of the restaurant 🙂

Here are other photos as well

yes they also deliver straight to your homes! Here are the hotlines Smart: 09493553020 Globe: 09274388545

yes they also deliver straight to your homes! Here are the hotlines
Smart: 09493553020
Globe: 09274388545

IMG_20150503_131159 IMG_20150503_130938 IMG_20150503_130919


IMG_20150503_131252 IMG_20150503_131258IMG_20150503_131304 IMG_20150503_131229


my receipt from the grocery. its much cheaper than in the known groceries

They also sell Frozen Gyoza (5 pcs) for Php. 100. Neat eh?

Do visit them! We need more of Japanese groceries around the south and I’m hoping they’d stay. *o*


As a result to my visit to Benten grocery, I made this cold soba (after trying out Bento-Ya yesterday) using the condiments I bought there. It was almost exactly as my Bento-Ya experience =D Now i can have my favorite Japanese foods almost everyday~! Whee!

IMG_20150503_145942  IMG_20150503_145933


Cucina Andare is Back!

After several dull Friday nights of no foodtrips– I am happy to share the news that Cucina Andare is back!

Yes! You can taste the sumptuous steak, King’s Combo longganisa meal, yummy burritos and etc. again with matching live band again! And take note, the new venue is just near the old one- and what’s great about it is its at the roof deck! 😀 I haven’t been there myself but I’m hoping for a view of Makati during the night. XD



If you’re still clueless as to where this is, here’s a map of the location. The yellow building is The Link 😀


Hawker’s Market

I rarely dine on semi-fancy or fancy restos, but since we got a good deal online, my mom and I got 10 tickets to Hawker’s Market Buffet at Remington Hotel for my birthday and as a gift to my bro’s since he’s graduating (well he did this October 25th :D). But since I’m scheduled on a surfing trip at La Union on the 25th, my boyfriend and I went ahead of my family.

First off, Hawker’s Market is inside Remington Hotel. Upon entering, there’s this classy-casual cafe-resto vibe welcoming you, as well as entertaining staff who will guide you to your chosen table (if area’s not fully booked). Hand em your buffet ticket and you’re all set of for a lunch of your life.

Since I wanted to taste a lot of meals, I decided to taste everything except fried foods and rice– which usually makes you feel bloated or full. I had fun eating that lemony pandan wrapped chicken, and jellyfish salad! Can you believe it? Apparently its good as lato (seaweed)!

I enjoyed the Malaysian cuisine as well as Singaporean ones and even went back! 😀 Only when I encountered the “Wagyu” and got a bit of sushi then, I started feeling full D:.

I haven’t got to try the Chinese dishes there since we’re full, but we’ll definitely come back and ready our stomachs for everything! lol.

2013-10-19-12-11-17_deco 2013-10-19-12-12-49_deco 2013-10-19-12-39-18_deco 2013-10-19-13-08-22_deco 2013-10-19-13-11-21_deco 2013-10-19-13-12-06_deco 2013-10-19-13-26-29_deco 2013-10-19-14-27-27_deco

Distrito Makati Foodgasm

I was having a rough day today and by the time I was about to go home, I wasn’t sure if I already had my salary so I checked and poof! There it is! So I instantly made a beeline to Distrito Makati alone! (forever alone joke!)

The place was small, but better than the ones at Metrowalk Pasig. I seriously couldn’t decide which food should I buy and try. @_@ 

So I strolled around first, looking at what the booths had to offer.. and after a round, I’ve decided to go for the err.. crispy pata-ish food na binagoongan (with rice) which I got for Php. 150 (Php. 140 without rice), 3 mini cakes from Piper’s Pan for Php. 100 and Beef and Nacho with Cheese wraps from Wrap Battle for only Php. 100! 

I couldn’t eat em all honestly haha. I only got to eat the binagoongan pata plus a half of the wraps and took home the mini cakes and half of the wrap for my parents and bro XD (food is better when you’re sharing ’em to someone! 😉 )


A view of the food booths/ trucks and the crowd!


Giant wraps from Wrap Battle. Definitely worth the price!

They’ve got Bacon and Egg, Chicken Pesto and their best seller: Beef and Nachos wrap. Price ranges from Php.100-110. Not bad eh?




Free taste before you buy! 😀

Tried the crunchy binagoongan pitichan since it was their best seller.


Omnomnom worthy!

I swear I had a fun time eating this binagoongan pitichan thing XD soooooooo crunchy! I feel like getting a heart attack after– but who cares?  Omnomnomnom! 


Stack of cakes at Piper’s Pan booth


Mango and Velvet cakes from Piper’s Pan (3 for Php. 100)

The other one was something like caramel and chocolate which I will test tomorrow with my boyfriend.
Verdict was pretty much okay. Didn’t get that tarty taste though of the red velvet cakes 😦 oh well.


Look what I found at the beverages booth of Distrito Makati! It’s the Human Heart Nature’s Bayani Brew!

 I tried this one since I usually drink the ‘talbos ng kamote’ juice my mom makes us after boiling kamote leaves for our meals. It’s all natural I guarantee you! I can really smell the scent of kamote leaves in it. Plus the semi-tarty taste and smell of lemon grass. Got it for Php. 45 :3 I’ve been dying to try this ever since my mom showed me the brochure of HHN where this debuted.


With a healthy drink comes a fancy hipster-ish and environmental friendly packaging!

But I swear I had time reading the stuff in it while drinking Bayani Brew haha. Anyway, after drinking all the juice, I’ve decided to reuse the bottle and fill it with cold water to drink at home… and so I washed the bottle. I thought the paper would come off anytime since it got wet– but lo and behold! It doesn’t! Cause its made of rock paper! :O

What is rock paper?

According to The Image Group, it is a fully recyclable, environmentally friendly paper made from calcium carbonate chalk.

I spotted a sarsaparilla drink too at the Beverages booth but I couldn’t buy it since my hands and arms are full already. But I’d definitely try that and the cookie cakes next time! 

Calamansi Juice with Apple Floaters

My mom would always make one for me and my bro whenever its summer and I thought I should share it with the world. 😛 It’s really a healthy substitute for sago and gulaman drink.

We’re gonna do this per glass. So feel free to adjust the number of ingredients used 😛


sorry for le lame pic >_< I don’t have a clear glass in office. I’ll replace this image once I redo this drink at home 😛


2-3 pcs. Calamansi juiced 

2-4 tsp Honey (I used Cem’s Honey Extra Virgin for this)

1/8 Apple (diced)

Cold and Hot Water


1. Melt honey in hot water. Hot water shouldn’t fill up half or your cup (or even reach half at least! you don’t want your juice hot– unless you like it that way O_O). Make sure it doesn’t stick in your spoon.

2. Pour in calamansi juice and mix. Add cold water and mix again.

3. Add the diced apples. They’d be floating in your drink like gulaman 😀 Add ice if you want. Enjoy! ^w^


You’d find the apples sweeter than the usual and juicer as well, since it absorbs the calamansi juice. 😀