How To Train Your Dragon 2 Toys

Last night I had the chance to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 with my boyfriend at Greenbelt 3 Cinemas (I was hoping for 3D or 4DX but my budget wasn’t enough and we couldn’t catch up to the last show of 3D). I don’t wanna spoil you guys but to sum all my feels: it was a heartwarming, heartbreaking, exciting and awesome to watch with anyone (be it your family or friends or even your special someone).

Anyway, that aside, I didn’t know the hype was that high coz last time I watched I didn’t even know there were HTTYD Mcdo Happy Meal toys :|. But now, almost every Mcdonald’s branch ran out of stock of Toothless or the Nightfury, one of the protagonists of the movie. After 4 branches and 3 Happy Meals later (don’t worry, the 3rd one was for my boyfriend’s and I ended up giving the burger and drinking the juice myself), I found the elusive! Hurrah! I also got the Cloudjumper Happy Meal toy ❤ sweet!

Also, I happened to drop by Toy Kingdom (since I was in the mall anyway) and they indeed updated the HTTYD Defenders of Berk toys (which I was deliberating whether to finally complete or not) and I got the Cloudjumper. I’ll get the Stormfly and Bewilderbeast next time XD.

Valka’s Cloudjumper (Defenders of Berk)

Lastly, here’s a demo of the Toothless Happy Meal toy btw (I promise you its a child’s dream come true toy!- well if they’re not choosy LOL)



May the 4th Be With You!

After attending the Free Comic Book Day I immediately went to Resorts World Manila to meet up with my boyfriend and together we visited the Star Wars exhibit. There wasn’t much since it was day 1 and the event heightens today as we celebrate Star Wars Day (hence the title of this blog post).

I’ll let these photos do their talking. (p.s. there’s a bit of Spiderman photos included since the Amazing Spiderman 2 is showing this week :D)


animated R2-D2 It doesn’t just light up, it moves with the aid of remote control! sweet!


Lil Princess Leia teaching a kid how to fight with lightsabers 😀

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Free Comic Book Day 2014

Comic book fans and non-comic book fans flocked early outside of Fully Booked branches in the Metro yesterday, May 3, 2014 to take part of the annual Free Comic Book Day event and that includes me! This time, I went on my own since my partner in crime has day shift work. And since I’m alone, I’ve decided to make it my YOLO moment (You Only Live Once) and thus, I tried going there as an early bird!

It was my first time and it was definitely challenging. I was tossing and turning the whole night at my bed trying to contain my excitement for the event and well..  I couldn’t rest to the idea that there’s someone already there besides that epic comic fan who lined up this Friday as early as 2:36 PM! At around 3 PM I’ve decided to prep up and leave around 3:30 AM.

Since it was dawn, the only means of getting there was through jeep or taxi from BGC Bus Terminal near Ayala MRT Station so I took the taxi with the help of Grab Taxi (which is very awesome and safe indeed) and got there around 4:30-4:35 AM and wow! there was already a line!


4:35 AM and the sky was still dark (duh)


Fellow early birds all lined up.


Fellow early birds all lined up.


pardon the grogginess and Haggardo Versoza look.


5 AM


The stray dog friend found by the girl before me in the line. He was adorbs and friendly! He must be interested in lining up early for comics as well 😀

I was the 24th to arrive I think but somewhere along the line some people decided to go home and didn’t return– some, err… had the guts to cut in. Hope that doesn’t happen next time (I doubt I’ll try it again).

Joggers from the area kept looking at us as if we were crazy (yes we are), all lined up that early for an event they don’t know of. Later on a guard arrived and said we can’t stay there without permit, and thank God, someone from Fully Booked talked to him and resulted to moving the line 3 times in different places.


6 AM


At around 6 AM, more people arrived and lined up and I swear I don’t even know if the line’s going on circles or what. By 8am, we were moved near to the back entrance of Fully Booked and since they were having a problem with the permit to line up (something like that) or maybe it was because of the sun— yes, the awfully scorching hot sun, the doors were opened to us at 8:20 AM and you can hear collective sighs of relief as the attendees entered.

Huge piles of comic books welcomed us, along with the ever dedicated staff of Fully Booked and Comic Odyssey who were all smiles even if they barely slept preparing for this event.

I was able to grab 3 titles of my choice (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Duel Destinies and Guardians of the Galaxy), FCBD Philippines comic book, a compilation of 5 comic books for early bird attendees and a pack of Made In Candy (which I’m eating right now as I write this lol).

Since I was early, I’ve decided to take advantage of the uncrowded Comic Odyssey and went through the back issue comics which were on sale for hundred bucks each. 😀 Satisfied with my haul, I’ve decided to go up at the Top Shelf and check out the local comic artists and got a few local titles as well (I’d love to get more but wallet and pocket was crying already T^T). I saw some of my artist friends and idols as well.

DSC_0846 DSC_0850 DSC_0852 DSC_0853 DSC_0856 DSC_0858 DSC_0860 DSC_0862 DSC_0863 DSC_0868 DSC_0871 DSC_0874 DSC_0875 DSC_0876 DSC_0877 DSC_0878

You can check my instagram (@erineclair) for other photos from the event 🙂 

At the end of the day, I celebrated with 2 cups of Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks because I still have to check out the Star Wars exhibit at the Resorts World that same day.

My boyfriend enjoying the haul of comics I got from the FCBD. He wanted to go badly but he couldn't take a VL :(  So I got him his favorite: Power Rangers

My boyfriend enjoying the haul of comics I got from the FCBD. He wanted to go badly but he couldn’t take a VL 😦 So I got him his favorite: Power Rangers

This early bird experience taught me a lot and I just wanna share it to everyone (in case you’re planning to next year). Here are my tips:

1. Bring lots of patience!
Lining up that early and moving from time to time can annoy you. Sometimes you gotta stand up, sometimes you sit down, move a bit to avoid getting cramps.

2. Bring a friend along!
I wish I did but they’re still sleeping  and my partner in crime had work. But bringing a friend along makes you patient enough and have someone to chat with while you’re in line. Also, you guys can take turn in guarding your spot while they go to the wash room and pee. But then there’s a fine line with bringing a friend. If you wanna line up early with your friend, make sure they come early too and they don’t just cut in the line because you are there.. like you saved a spot for them. Guys, a good friend doesn’t consent his/ her friend to do an act that breaks the rules. Be a good friend and if they arrive late, have them line up where the end of the line is. 🙂 What would you feel if someone cuts in the line before you too right?

3. Bring food and water (lots of water)
Going early means you might have skipped breakfast so just buy food at the convenience stores along the way or prepare them a day before. Also bring water (perhaps a liter would do) to keep yourself hydrated. You can eat while waiting for the store to open. Just don’t litter! Bring a plastic bag to keep your trash and later on throw em out in their respective bins.

4. Bring mosquito repellant
I didn’t think of this and out of desperation (since I had dengue before) I poured alcohol to my arms (which stings by the way since I scratched the mosquito bite earlier). Funny cause the the guy who was first in line brought with him katol- no wonder I smell the katol scent while I was in the line.

5. Bring a mat or folding chair
A mat enables you to sit or lie down in the line with your friends and lets you stretch your legs and well, serves as a border for your belongings. Folding chair is nice too, if you’re planning to go alone.

6. Bring entertainment
If you’re not a patient person then at least bring something that will make you patient. I brought my 3Ds and a bunch of games to play while lined up, while the guy before me brought his laptop along so he can surf and play. But be mindful of your belongings cause the store’s management ain’t reliable in case you lose em. Bring a book to read or a sketchpad so you can doodle or a powerbank so you can play or surf the net or watch flicks in your phone with backup power for your phone’s battery.

Cucina Andare is Back!

After several dull Friday nights of no foodtrips– I am happy to share the news that Cucina Andare is back!

Yes! You can taste the sumptuous steak, King’s Combo longganisa meal, yummy burritos and etc. again with matching live band again! And take note, the new venue is just near the old one- and what’s great about it is its at the roof deck! 😀 I haven’t been there myself but I’m hoping for a view of Makati during the night. XD



If you’re still clueless as to where this is, here’s a map of the location. The yellow building is The Link 😀


Distrito Makati Foodgasm

I was having a rough day today and by the time I was about to go home, I wasn’t sure if I already had my salary so I checked and poof! There it is! So I instantly made a beeline to Distrito Makati alone! (forever alone joke!)

The place was small, but better than the ones at Metrowalk Pasig. I seriously couldn’t decide which food should I buy and try. @_@ 

So I strolled around first, looking at what the booths had to offer.. and after a round, I’ve decided to go for the err.. crispy pata-ish food na binagoongan (with rice) which I got for Php. 150 (Php. 140 without rice), 3 mini cakes from Piper’s Pan for Php. 100 and Beef and Nacho with Cheese wraps from Wrap Battle for only Php. 100! 

I couldn’t eat em all honestly haha. I only got to eat the binagoongan pata plus a half of the wraps and took home the mini cakes and half of the wrap for my parents and bro XD (food is better when you’re sharing ’em to someone! 😉 )


A view of the food booths/ trucks and the crowd!


Giant wraps from Wrap Battle. Definitely worth the price!

They’ve got Bacon and Egg, Chicken Pesto and their best seller: Beef and Nachos wrap. Price ranges from Php.100-110. Not bad eh?




Free taste before you buy! 😀

Tried the crunchy binagoongan pitichan since it was their best seller.


Omnomnom worthy!

I swear I had a fun time eating this binagoongan pitichan thing XD soooooooo crunchy! I feel like getting a heart attack after– but who cares?  Omnomnomnom! 


Stack of cakes at Piper’s Pan booth


Mango and Velvet cakes from Piper’s Pan (3 for Php. 100)

The other one was something like caramel and chocolate which I will test tomorrow with my boyfriend.
Verdict was pretty much okay. Didn’t get that tarty taste though of the red velvet cakes 😦 oh well.


Look what I found at the beverages booth of Distrito Makati! It’s the Human Heart Nature’s Bayani Brew!

 I tried this one since I usually drink the ‘talbos ng kamote’ juice my mom makes us after boiling kamote leaves for our meals. It’s all natural I guarantee you! I can really smell the scent of kamote leaves in it. Plus the semi-tarty taste and smell of lemon grass. Got it for Php. 45 :3 I’ve been dying to try this ever since my mom showed me the brochure of HHN where this debuted.


With a healthy drink comes a fancy hipster-ish and environmental friendly packaging!

But I swear I had time reading the stuff in it while drinking Bayani Brew haha. Anyway, after drinking all the juice, I’ve decided to reuse the bottle and fill it with cold water to drink at home… and so I washed the bottle. I thought the paper would come off anytime since it got wet– but lo and behold! It doesn’t! Cause its made of rock paper! :O

What is rock paper?

According to The Image Group, it is a fully recyclable, environmentally friendly paper made from calcium carbonate chalk.

I spotted a sarsaparilla drink too at the Beverages booth but I couldn’t buy it since my hands and arms are full already. But I’d definitely try that and the cookie cakes next time!