Free Comic Book Day 2013 – Fully Booked, Highstreet

And so, after nights of tossing and turning due to excitement– the much awaited day has come! Free Comic Book Day had every comic book fanatic up early just to get a taste of this awesome day of FREE comic books (soooo redundant but yeah XD)

We arrived at the Fully Booked, Highstreet, BGC branch and we were surprised at the throngs of people lined up– a blockbuster I must say. The line goes all the way to the back of the building.

While in the line, we took the opportunity to take a pic with the huge store glass sticker poster of the event..

That’s my boyfriend wearing a Green Lantern shirt (from AM-BLVD) :3

and this is me, wearing Captain America shirt from AM-BLVD and Captain America shield bag from Christmas Toycon 2012 :3

Also, there was someone who took a picture of us since he found us interesting in a way we’re wearing superhero shirts xD Marvel & DC yeah! (though I could’ve worn my Wonderwoman shirt that day– but I felt like going for Captain America :P)

We were able to enter the building prolly around 10:30-11:00 AM. It was freaking hot outside. Good thing the clouds were in favor of us and shaded us for awhile.

We let out a sigh of relief once we entered Fully Booked (Yay for the glorious aircon!)

But inside, the line still continues..

annnnnnnnnd goes around the staircase…

 and finally the sight of the free comic books! yay!

Since there was sale that day as well at the Comic Odyssey, we took the chance to grab something as a way of thanks for Fully Booked for holding this awesome event. Everything’s like half the original price so who wouldn’t be tempted to grab their favorite titles right?

Here are my hauls from that day 😀

Free Comics: Superman (MoA Fully Booked) , Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell, Ang Pilipino Komiks, Kaboom! Summer Blast (which has Adventure Time comics), Rurouni Kenshin/ Dragon Ball Z (back to back)

Bought: Captain America Reborn, Secret Avengers and Kikomachine 7 (half the price! except Kikomachine 7)

I wasn’t able to go for a sketch since my favorite artists are in Q.Ave that day 😦 and we had to leave for our One Piece Z screening.

Overall, I think the event was a success and probably next time, I shall try my best to beat those early birds! hah! XD

I’m looking forward to meet and see more local comics from the future FCBD events as well 😀


Mi Artstyle [2012]

Trying to get back on the groove. Did some sketches for the 2 year old commissions I left at DA (i never forgot).. Man. I wanted to toss my sketchpad badly! D:

Turns out my style of drawing changed a LOT!

BEFORE I used to start out with the face outline then proceed with the eyes, nose, lips, hair then body, but NOW I realized— to draw a good char facing me i had to start up with the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips then hair and then face outline O_o Meanwhile for side view/ 45-deg. angle poses, I start from face outline— same as before.

The method changed bigtime! kaljdhfjkahsdfjh

And there’s a great difference with the front view to my drawings that are facing a side view/ 45-deg. angle O_O (eyesssss)

Lily Origami

Awhile ago, I decided to take a break from doing my Graphika Manila entry and explore Google Apps. I found interesting ones such as Until AM, Planetarium, Webcam Toy and Origami Player.

Since I have a knack of buying square colored memo pads, I decided to give Origami Player a try.

Usually I’d do paper cranes, but then I saw this interesting Lily/ Lotus origami and did it.

It was tough! O_O Unlike paper cranes, I ripped a petal or two while doing the last step. You really need to be patient while unfolding the last petals.

After several tries, I managed to make a neat one XD


try doing one while listening to The Call by Regina Spektor. XP (I was kinda watching Narnia: Prince Caspian while doing these).

*base: cherry blossom origami from same site 🙂

Materials: Best Buy Spectra Colored Multipurpose Paper

Planner Fetish

As an artist I am disorganized with my stuff, and most of all with my sched– sometimes I mess it all up in my head. So its vital for me to track it in a planner. My mom used to give me those datebooks back at 1st year high school and I then developed an initiative to buy myself one before or on the start of the schoolyear. From Hallmark planners to DLS-CSB planners, I then switched to Total Girl’s planners which are really waaaaaaay too cute and artsy.

Keeping a planner helps you track down your goals, your schedule, and give time for other stuffs. It also keeps you disciplined especially whenever you stick to your written schedule and helps you organize your thoughts.

Here’s a sneak peak of my TG planners :3



Artist: raindropmemory
Features: stickers, monthly sticker tabs, rubber strap, intro page, year in summary page, school snaps page, contact list, cash plan page, assignment log page, goal page, achievement log page, after school activities page, monthly calendar, school schedule page, weekly tips,  daily feelings and rater. top 3 fill ins, you can do it page, monthly goals, gift list page, new year resolutions page and checklist, memories of my schoolyear page, schoolyear scrapbook page, summer to remember page, summer snaps page, extra pages for notes, & back to back pouch.
Cons: Today’s top 3 list eats up the daily activities/ event space, bulky if the pouch is filled, assignment log not needed unless appeared weekly.



Artist: raindropmemory
Features: detachable spring bookmark, extra pages for notes, stickers, colorful artworks, this year i will rock page, dream board, school by the hours page, goal tracker, weekly tips, weekly allowance/ expense list, monthly calendar page, top to-do’s this month list, gift list (december), new year’s power page, “yay me this week i” section, weekly top to do’s, weekly lesson learned, progress page, “this summer i will rock” page, milestones section, monthly tab stickers, contact page, bookmarked page & intro page.
Cons: no pouch, sticker tabs can be irritating if used.


Artist: Maria Grecy “Chichi” Romero
Features: intro page, customizable cover, motivational detachable posters, cute stickers, spacious vertical area for daily activities, rubber strap, goal tracker, challenge and tips per week, school by the hours page, my year in numbers page, dream board & best year ever page, summarized year page, contact page, bookmarked page, school schedule page,  new year resolution page, halloween costume planner page, & awesome summer page.
Cons: doesn’t have extra pages for doodles, notes, 1 page monthly calendar– (your details/ events should be ultra summarized D:) and an inside pouch 😦

Artist’s commandments

As I was going through my old blog posts at Daily Doodles of Erin, deleting some nonsense posts, I came across with this.

As far as I could remember, I found it at Fan Art section of the Ragnaboards XD

Artist’s Commandments:

1. You shall draw everything and every day
2. You shall not wait for inspiration, for it comes not while you wait but while you work
3. You shall forget all you think you know and, even more, all you have been taught
4. You shall not adore your good drawing and promptly forget your bad ones
5. You shall not draw with exhibitions in mind, nor to please any critic but yourself
6. You shall trust none but your own eye, and make your hand follow it
7. You shall consider the mouse you draw as more important than the contents of all the museums in the world
8. You shall love the ten thousand things with all your heart and a blade of glass as yourself
9. Let each drawing be your first: a celebration of the eye awakened
10. You shall not worry about “Being of your time”, for you are your time, and its brief.

-Frederick Franck, The Awakened Eye