Benten: Restaurant and Grocery

I’ve been a sucker for Japanese cuisine but they’re usually pricey if I’ll keep on eating em everyday so I opted on making them instead.

Though, finding the right sauces and ingredients (like tsoyu, mirin, bonito flakes) have been a challenge to me because I barely see Japanese groceries around here in the South. Usually you’d find them on leading grocery stores around the Metro but for a higher price which makes you feel like buying ramen straight from the restaurant instead of making your own.

But worry not! I’ve found this awesome Japanese grocery/ restaurant in the South that holds almost all sauces and condiments you need in making your own DIY Japanese cuisine… Benten!

Found in the heart of Aguirre avenue in BF Homes Paranaque, the store is just a few blocks away from the Going Straight Salon (intersection). I think this is the same location of the former Cham Maru restaurant.


You’ll be greeted with the lovely staff clad in yukata shuffling around the place.



At first you’ll wonder if this is all of it, but at the back of the restaurant, if you ask the staff about the grocery, they’ll show you to a room filled with condiments and everything you need for cooking!






What’s more amazing on their grocery is that everything here is labeled in english! So you’d identify the right ingredients even if you don’t know how to read in Japanese. 😀

But aside from being a restaurant and a grocery, they also have a mini-studio in another room where you could have your photo taken wearing a yukata from their rack!

IMG_20150503_130859 IMG_20150503_130926

Package 1: 3 poses, 1 photo print + CD-R – Php. 299
Package 2: 5 poses, 2 photo prints + CD-R – Php. 499
Package 3: 8 poses, 3 photo prints + CD-R – Php. 699
Irouchikake – Php. 200
Samurai – Php. 150

They also sell some clothes from Japan in another side of the restaurant 🙂

Here are other photos as well

yes they also deliver straight to your homes! Here are the hotlines Smart: 09493553020 Globe: 09274388545

yes they also deliver straight to your homes! Here are the hotlines
Smart: 09493553020
Globe: 09274388545

IMG_20150503_131159 IMG_20150503_130938 IMG_20150503_130919


IMG_20150503_131252 IMG_20150503_131258IMG_20150503_131304 IMG_20150503_131229


my receipt from the grocery. its much cheaper than in the known groceries

They also sell Frozen Gyoza (5 pcs) for Php. 100. Neat eh?

Do visit them! We need more of Japanese groceries around the south and I’m hoping they’d stay. *o*


As a result to my visit to Benten grocery, I made this cold soba (after trying out Bento-Ya yesterday) using the condiments I bought there. It was almost exactly as my Bento-Ya experience =D Now i can have my favorite Japanese foods almost everyday~! Whee!

IMG_20150503_145942  IMG_20150503_145933


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