Kickin’ in with It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

Sooo it’s official! DOT recently unveiled to the public its new tourism campaign slogan: It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

Apparently it’s becoming popular as an internet meme all over the social networking sites not to mention the reposts include a mix of irony and pride for the country.

The said slogan has created a worldwide issue since it was the same with Switzerland’s, 60 years ago. Ohh talk about “originality issues”. It has brought scrutiny all over Filipinos and in other countries as well making it a trending topic in Twitter and other social networking sites.

I believe DOT has been poorly invested on this year’s ‘brains’ behind that slogan. Heck we multimedia artists can come up with a slogan shorter than their 6 word ones.

But anyhow, the designing team behind the logo gets an A+ for incorporating the ‘Banig’ style in the logo. Let’s do hope next year DOT will see to it that originality really packs a punch when it comes to campaign slogans.


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